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About The Producer, Peter Starr

Peter Starr’s long career has been honored with:

14 major international awards for filmmaking, including the Chicago (Gold) and Houston (Silver) International Film Festivals, and the Silver and Gold Awards at the International Radio Programming Awards, New York.

His production credits include:

- over 40 television specials seen on USA Network, TNN, ESPN, Turner Broadcasting, The BBC, Channel Five UK, ABC Sports, the History Channel and various channels around the world.

- record albums for M.G.M., United Artists, A&M, Epic and Polydor including albums with Spencer Davis, Tim Weisberg, The Canadian Rock Theater and Sequoia

- national radio programs with major entertainment celebrities including Paul McCartney, Tommy Smothers, Peter Fonda, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Grace Slick and others.

- feature articles written for several nationally distributed auto and motorcycle special interest magazines and a regular column for Healthcare Weekly Review - an allopathic medical journal.

- motorcycle stunt work in major Hollywood films including Batman and Robin, Apollo 13, Lethal Weapon3, EDtv

Peter Starr is a member of the Trailblazers Hall of Fame

Since his diagnosis of prostate cancer in June 2004 he has concentrated in learning about restoring his own health while reversing his disease. His journey took him to eight countries on three continents where he learned from and interviewed 56 doctors and other health practitioners and researchers. This intense schooling and its practical application lead to the production of the documentary “Surviving Prostate Cancer without Surgery, Drugs or Radiation”.